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Lotus folding doors in Adelaide

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Lotus Folding Doors

Whether you’re looking for exceptional folding doors or doors that can save you money on your energy bills, Southern Screen Scene has the perfect Lotus folding doors to suit your needs.

Lotus Vinyl-cloth Doors

Lotus Vinylcloth folding doors

Space and Energy Saving

Lotus Vinylcloth doors are ideal for creating space and making the best use of available areas. Save your energy bills too, by closing off little used areas to conserve heating or air conditioning.

Handles, locks and latches

The doors come with a receiving channel into which the lead post is held closed. Latch, privacy snib and keylock options.

Made just for you

Lotus Vinylcloth doors can be made for doorways up to a height of 3.0m and almost any width. We can make your door just the way you want it. As a single door, a biparting pair, or even opening at both ends, known as double-end-post door.

Commercial Applications

Lotus Vinylcloth doors can be made in a wide range of colours and sizes which makes them useful in many commercial situations. Typical installations include offices, meeting rooms, community buildings etc. Lotus distributors and retailers are always pleased to help with design and costing queries.

Extensive Colour range

You can choose from a wide range of attractive finishes, including versatile neutrals, authentic wood grains, fine textures and colours to match the latest design trends, as shown below. In addition, you can choose from a number of matching leadpost colours.

Quality Craftsmanship

 Lotus Vinylcloth doors are made to a high standard, each door being individually made to your specification. Lotus' special vinyl material is backed with fabric giving it strength and flexibility. The double track system makes the Lotus door pleasingly smooth and silent in use. All doors come complete with matching pelmets and hold back straps.

Lotus Vinylcloth folding door colours

Lotus Timberline Doors

Lotus Timberline folding doors

Flexibility with style

Timberline folding doors combine elegant good looks with exceptional space saving benefits. A Timberline door will bring lasting pleasure to the person who wants something better than average.

Quality Features

Timberline quality features include strong 12mm thick panels, wheeled trolleys for smooth operation, positive latch and automatic hold open system. All backed with a 12 month warranty and all proudly Australian made.

Made to measure

Timberline is made to measure to be a perfect fit, up to 3.6m high and almost any width. Panels are 110mm wide for doors up to 2.1m high and 170mm for taller doors. Window panels are 170mm wide.

Designed with style

Designed with style for a clean, modern look, all Timberline doors feature colour coordinated hinges and headmoulds integrated with the track extrusion.

Choice of finishes

Timberline comes in a wide choice of finishes including luxury vinyl laminates (in pastels and wood grains), real timber veneers, translucent Windows and ready to paint panels.

Lotus Timberline folding door colours
Call Southern Screen Scene today on 08 8384 2444 to discuss costings and designs on our range of Lotus folding doors.
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