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The right security doors to secure your property in Adelaide

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Security Screen Doors for the Adelaide Area

Security and Safety Doors and Screens

One of our security screen doors in the Adelaide area

Southern Screen Scene is proud to manufacture and install Amplimesh security doors and screens and is committed to being flexible to cater to your precise needs. All our security doors and screens are custom-made to ensure they perfectly fit to your existing doors and windows.

We have a wide range of Amplimesh products available, including diamond-shape grilles and 316 marine-grade stainless steel that leave you with an unobstructed view. All our security doors and screens deliver a variety of benefits and can be finished in many colours and configurations. 

Please browse our extensive selection to find the right products for your home.

Points of Difference With SSS Built Door

Custom built doors

At Southern Screen Scene, our aim is to be Adelaide’s leading manufacturer of custom doors, and we want our customers to notice the difference when investing in our high-quality products. As specialists in our field, we’ve achieved a worthy reputation for delivering high-end solutions at fair prices.

Our company refuses to compromise on the quality of each of our custom doors, and we go to great lengths to ensure an exceptional finish every time. You can trust us to have your every need covered and expect to experience the difference when investing in our superior product range. 

Please read on to discover the essential features of a Southern Screen Scene-built Amplimesh grille security door.

The grille

Genuine Amplimesh 7mm security grille fastened with a minimum of 20 stainless steel rivets.
Choose from design 133, 133 or 125.

Security door corners

Extruded aluminium heavy-duty corner stakes with four stainless steel rivets per corner.

Security door frame

A heavy-duty extruded aluminium section 710g/Lm. Look for the amount of grille penetration into the frame.
Sharkurity frame 18mm penetration with serrations.
Lightweight frame 10mm penetration.

Security door mesh

We offer a huge range of mesh and wire to choose from. Some offer more privacy or pet resistance, but none of them add to the security of the door.

Security door colour

We offer bronze or clear anodised as well as the full range of Dulux powder coat colours. For doors in powder coat colours, we first make the doors in mill finish. Then we send them off to be professionally pre-treated before being powder coated. This means that we don’t have to touch up any rivets or mitre joins on our custom doors, giving you a far superior finish. It also means we are not restricted to the 20 or so pre-powder coated standard colours.

Security door hinges

Three fixed-pin interlocking hinges mounted with stainless steel rivets.

Security door installation

The door is fastened to the door jamb with 25mm gauge counter sunk screws.
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