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Supa-Screen stainless steel doors and screens

Amplimesh Supascreen Door

For maximum security without the obstructed view, invest in Southern Screen Scene’s Amplimesh Supa-Screen stainless steel screens. They may look like flyscreens, but are actually made from marine grade-316 stainless steel, woven into a fine mesh to give you a clear and unobstructed view. 

Amplimesh Supa-Screen stainless steel screens provide a welcoming entrance for your visitors without compromising the appearance of your feature door and lets the cool breeze flow through your home. Using only high-grade materials, all Supa-Screens are assembled with a unique patented pressure process that eliminates the need for unattractive fixings and the possibility of corrosion.

All Southern Screen Scene’s Supa-Screen stainless steel doors come standard with a three-point locking system and exceed Australian Standard AS5039-2008 and AS5041-2003, including impact, jemmy, and knife-shear tests.

Hard to break in, easy to break out

Amplimesh Supascreen

Feel safe, even in emergency situations with the SupaScape™ fire egress system from Southern Screen Scene. These stainless steel screens have been designed and tested to prevent intruders from entering your home via windows and provides your family with an escape path in the event of a fire or other critical situations.

SupaScape™ fire egress screens feature a simple emergency exit system with an open capability or sliding function that enables you to release the screen from the inside of your home. The slimline keyless design is available in stainless steel mesh or with aluminium grille and is designed to allow access to the glass for easy cleaning.

Supa-Screen folding door by Amplimesh

Amplimesh Supascreen bifold doors

The Supa-Screen folding door by Amplimesh is a revolutionary product that offers all the comfort of the traditional Supa-Screen stainless steel screens while maintaining the security of large areas, including existing glass folding doors and patio enclosures. You can now have peace of mind while enjoying an insect-free home and a fresh breeze in your alfresco dining area.

This purpose-designed system can be retro-fitted to an existing folding door or installed as a stand-alone security door or patio enclosure. The suite offers:   

  • The patented stainless steel mesh system
  • A heavy-duty security frame for improved strength
  • Eight multiple panels that can be configured to open in or out, spanning heights up to 2.4 metres and widths of up to 6.5 metres
  • A stainless steel hinge design developed to provide streamlined aesthetics, allowing the panels to stack side-by-side when open
  • An exclusively-designed flush bolt that enables the door panels to be closed securely
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