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Protect your home with our secure domestic roller shutters in Adelaide

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Roller Shutters in Adelaide

Domestic roller shutters

A woman enjoying her privacy with our roller shutters in Adelaide

Domestic roller shutters are a modern, effective, and affordable way to give your home the comfort, security and privacy you need. Imagine being cooler in summer and warmer in winter without the use of energy. You can also benefit from year-round protection against intruders, noise, wind, debris, and damaging UV rays by simply installing quality domestic roller shutters.

Southern Screen Scene roller shutters are tailor-made to fit your windows in Adelaide, manufactured to the highest quality, and installed by our expert technicians. Our friendly consultants are happy to provide a free measure and quote service to ensure you get the right shutters at the right price.

Protect your privacy


With our affordable domestic roller shutters, you can stay in complete control of your home’s privacy, day and night. By adjusting the distance between the slats, you can control the amount of light and ventilation you want, creating a pleasant, softly lit atmosphere. Annoying outside noises are considerably reduced, and when open, your domestic roller shutters stay out of sight, enabling you to enjoy unobstructed views through your windows.

Southern Screen Scene domestic roller shutters are made from a system of interlocking slats that are injected with polyurethane and coated in fade and abrasive-resistant enamel. Their non-corrosive characteristics mean that maintenance is virtually nil.

Easy to operate

We give you the choice of various control mechanisms for your domestic roller shutters, including electrically operated with a switch or remote, solar remote control, and manually operated solutions. Our shutters are usually operated from inside your home for convenience and security. The type of operation will depend on the size of your shutter, but please feel free to ask our consultants which would best suit your home.

Choice of profiles and colours

Choice of profiles and colours
We use the Rollita brand of profiles made by Croci Australia, as they come in a number of strong and attractive profiles. Whether you prefer plain or stripes, there is a range of 15 colours to choose from. The hood, side guides, and bottom bars are aluminium and can be powder coated to match the profile, or you can choose one of over 100 Dulux powder coat colours that we have available.

All weather protection

All weather protection

Summer heat can be prevented by a considerable amount with our domestic roller shutters. By putting the shutter on the outside, it stops heat and cold from penetrating through your windows in ways that drapes and blinds do not.

Winter heat losses are strongly eliminated with a protected window, and the costs of heating and cooling your home can be dramatically reduced, all year round. Our shutters can also help to reduce damaging UV rays that continually attack your drapes, furnishings, and carpet.

Protection in bushfires

In the opinion of CSIRO Appraisals, the AR6, AR12, and AR17, Rollita roller shutters are suitable for the protection of windows from radiant heat of bushfires. They will also satisfy the performance required to protect windows of Clause GP5.1 (Volume 1 – Class 2 to Class 9 Buildings) and Clause P2.3.4 (Volume 2 – Class 1 and 10 buildings) of the BCA 2005, when the conditions of CSIRO Appraisials Technical Assesment 329 are fulfilled. A full copy of CSIRO Appraisals Technical Assessment 329 is available for inspection.

Tested quality

The quality of our aluminium domestic roller shutters is assured by the modern manufacturing equipment and by a meticulous three-stage test.

Control of the manufacturing material with testing of the technical properties of the aluminium, the binding quality and resistance of the polyammidic paint that results in an ‘orange peel’ finish of particular resistance to abrasion.

Constant control of the roll forming cycle, to assure the perfect shaping of the aluminium coil and the proper process of injection of polyurethanic resins that are freon-free to protect the environment.

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