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Keep your French doors in Adelaide secure with our screens

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Double or French Doors

Double and French doors are designed to make a statement and allow you to enjoy great views from the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for custom security screens to suit double sliding or French doors in Adelaide, look no further than Southern Screen Scene.

Double hinged doors

Flyscreen doors and mesh

Southern Screen Scene can tailor-make any of our screen or security doors to suit your double hinged or French doors, provided your existing doors swing inwards. Our double doors have a fixed door and an opening door that meet in the middle. 

The fixed door is held in position with bolts that lock up and down and can be retracted to allow this door to open. The opening door is the main access door and will be the one that carries the lock and handles, as well as the door closer.

We fit a T-section to the front and back to cover the join in the middle. Not only does this look better from both sides, but it also helps to prevent the doors from being easily forced apart. We have a working double door in our showroom, so please feel free to come in and have a look.

Double sliding doors

Double sliding doors

At Southern Screen Scene, we also make double sliding doors or stacker doors that meet in the middle. Just like the double hinged door, one becomes the fixed and the other the opening door.

The fixed door is held in place with up and down locking bolts that can be retracted and the opening door then closes onto the fixed door. We use an H-section fitted to the fixed door to receive the opening door, which cover the join in the middle from both sides.

Stacking sliding security doors

Stacking sliding door
Stacking sliding doors work just like double sliding doors, except all the doors slide in the one direction.

Bi-folding doors by Amplimesh Supascreen 

Stacker sliding security doors

The Supa-Screen folding door by Amplimesh is a revolutionary product that offers all the comfort of the traditional Supa-Screen stainless steel screens while maintaining the security of large areas, including existing glass folding doors and patio enclosures. You can now have peace of mind while enjoying an insect-free home and a fresh breeze in your alfresco dining area.

This purpose-designed system can be retro-fitted to an existing folding door or installed as a stand-alone security door or patio enclosure. The suite offers:

  • The patented stainless steel mesh system
  • A heavy-duty security frame for improved strength
  • Eight multiple panels that can be configured to open in or out, spanning heights up to 2.4 metres and widths of up to 6.5 metres
  • A stainless steel hinge design developed to provide streamlined aesthetics, allowing the panels to stack side-by-side when open
  • An exclusively-designed flush bolt that enables the door panels to be closed securely
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