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Revamp your property with Xgard doors and screens from Adelaide’s finest

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Xgard Doors and Screens
For a quality range of Xgard doors to improve your Adelaide home, look no further than Southern Screen Scene. Our state of the art Xgard privacy mesh offers you the ultimate in privacy, as well as being a stylish addition to your property. 

Patented technology

The doors are constructed using exclusive and patented technology, which is designed to offer greater security, strength and peace of mind to clients. The durability and strength of Xgard are enhanced by its important features - it stops rainwater from entering the home, and the mesh serves to reduce vibration and noise when the door is closed.

Xgard doors have been designed to give you the ultimate privacy to enjoy your own home and space without anyone else ‘overlooking’ you. The exclusive design ensures you can see out and enjoy the view, but limits the vision of those outside looking in.

Security and strength

The patented design of the Xgard door range ensures significant additional strength and security from your mesh doors. A rivet drill has been inserted from one side of the door’s lip to the other; a new and unique way to increase security.

The mesh doors we stock have each passed the relevant Australian standards tests, including:

  • Anti-Jemmy test AS5039 -2008
  • Pull test AS5039 2008
  • Knife Shear test AS5039 2008
  • Impact test AS5039 2008
  • Cyclone screen test 2010 AS/NZS 1170.2
  • 10,000 hour salt spray test AAMA 2605-05 section 7.8.2
For more details on our Xgard doors and screens, simply contact us today on  08 8384 2444 .
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