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Poly Carb Panels

Polycarb panels

Our fixed and removable poly carb panels for security screens and doors are a great option if your doors currently have or are going to have a pet door. If you already have a pet door on your existing doors, then you’ll know that you end up leaving the main door open, which can result in rain and wind entering your house.

Southern Screen Scene can make fixed or removable clear poly carb panels for your doors in Adelaide to reduce weather coming in through the screen door without restricting your view. The removable panel can be made to fully or partially cover your door, and is perfect for getting a breeze through during the warmer months and reduce cold air in cooler weather. 

On a sliding door, you may just want the area above the pet door covered, which Southern Screen Scene can also help with. 

You can see a framed removable poly carb panel on a door in the picture below, but you’re welcome to come in and view it in action at our showroom.

Half Panels

Half screen doors

Southern Screen Scene can provide the option of a half panel to suit your grille-type hinged screen doors in Adelaide. Half panels are a great option for those looking to match an existing door.

Please note that we do not recommend half panels for security doors as a 7mm grille needs to be cut and replaced with a 1mm plate. This will leave you with a less secure door. If you need a solution to control pets, weather or privacy, speak to our friendly team to discuss the alternative options we have available.

Call Southern Screen Scene today on 08 8384 2444 for a free quote on our cost-effective poly carb panels and half panels.
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